Review :Litecoin payments / LitePay debit cards

What Is LiteCoin?


Litecoin one of the most popular digital cash for the internet. With this cryptocurrencies , you can send cash money directly to another person without requiring a creditcard or bank…

What Is LitePay?

LitePay is a kind of a wallet that encourages transactions using Litecoin cryptocurrency. It enables you to store spend and accept payments through Litecoin, without hassle, and with zero price volatility or risk

How Does Work?

Accepting installments through your LitePay card is very simple and quick – it is likewise more advantageous than most Litecoin wallets.

by using multi-sig innovation and BitGO technonolgy litepay is the best wallets until now.

Applying For LitePay

LitePay is a virtual wallet like like most cryptoCurrency wallets, The difference is that litepay provided on a card you will use to withdraw cash from any compatible ATM.

How to Order LitePay Card ?

To Order your card You will need to request an order for your LitePay card  From (LitePay.US) and pay the order fee with LTC/USD. Once your ID has been verified, litepay ship your card to your home address.


When you get litpay card, you can activate the card at and create a cardholder account.


Once active you card , you can Load your card with dollars by deposit LTC Coins using any Litecoin wallet

Spend Dollars

anywhere debit cards are accepted and From any compatible ATM you can Spend litecoin money in dollars directly.
Transactions Fees
LitePay charges a level expense fee of 1% / transactions,