PUBG on Android Review (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds )

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – known as PUBG – is one of the largest popular games of the year. (2018) The game is currently available on PC and Xbox One globally, and on smart phones in China exclusively ,


however its Korean developer plans to release them on all platforms and systems as previously suggested.

Focusing on China’s smartphones version (android , ios) , Digital Foundry analysts said that although it has been subjected to enormous graphic complexity sacrifices, it still offers the core experience of PUBG. This may strengthen the possibility of launching on the Nintendo Switch in the near future

He also confirmed that the Switch version – if available – will be in an average position to outperform the smartphone version and less than the version of Xbox One. Of course, it will not be the best experience, and at the same time it will require more extra work by developers but will keep the Battle Royale experience loved by millions