Oppo F7 review The selfie expert …?

Today  we will talk about the novelty Oppo F7, as it is called, “Selfie-phone.” We will look not only at the camera,
but in general on the suitability.

“Should I take or not?”… and something like this.

At once I would like to note that we have an unusual version in black color … if you look carefully or just turn on the light you can see here is such a cool, diamond pattern.

First, let’s look at the box set: All boxes are the same, with a red phone. Do not afraid: we have a black version inside. We’ll look at it a little later. Under the phone is an envelope,
it has instructions and a silicone transparent case.

And also a clip for removing the SD/Sim-tray. Headphones with a 3.5mm jack, Earbuds, not In-Ear type.
It’s look suspiciously familiar.

Farther. Power supply unit with USB-A output 2 amps.

And finally, USB Type … so? This is MicroUSB. OK. We have already talked about this many times. There are a lot of old connectors left in China. By the way, Oppo has its own brand of fast charging
technology called Super VOOC Flash Charge. Unfortunately, F7 does not support it.

However, VOOC is primarily a solution for the flagship R-series, While F-line is equipped with advanced selfie-technology. At once it is necessary to discuss one quivering question. Cutout above the screen.

We are discussing this for the umpteenth time, and this time we will not scold or praise it. You have your own opinion because someone likes the notch, some do not. That’s all.

And traditionally for all smartphones, except for the iPhone X, in the notch is a speaker, a pair of sensors and a front camera.At 25 megapixel by the way, but more on that later, And you can also attach applications.The 6.23-inch display received a matrix  ,LTPS (IPS), resolution 1080 at 2280 points,

aspect ratio 19:9 ,and a protective glass Gorilla Glass fifth generation,

covered with a film “out of the box”.

The film is good, by the way. With oleophobic covering.

IPS-matrix deprives the device of the function “Always On” ,but it gives a moderate color rendition. ,Some colors of Oppo F7 may seem cold,

However, the situation can always be corrected in the display settings. Lovers of reading books on the smartphone
will appreciate the density of pixels at 405 ppi.

The text looks sharp and clear,The display is good, you can immediately see good quality, The case is plastic.And to be precise, it is a polymolecular  ,polymer-composite material. Wow.

I would not have known about this, but I found out when I started writing the text.

I thought it was metal and glass with an interesting overflow,Nevertheless, there are some positive moments in plastic case ,being a smartphone with a 6-inch display,

Oppo F7 weighs only 158 g , From assembly to ergonomics.

The Volume Rocker is divided into two keys, which are located on the right side,
while the power button is on the left. It’s convenient.

On the top there is nothing,

and on the bottom — 3,5-millimeter audio output, speaker and MicroUSB connector
instead of the already familiar for many Type-C.

Although MicroUSB is still more common, and charging is easier to find if you forgot your.

The main “chip” of this device is a 25-megapixel selfie-camera,

here is built-in sensor IMX576 from Sony with the mode AI SelfieTune 2.0. But let’s face it – all this for girls, and it’s not bad,

but I would personally note for myself other important features. First, there is an face unlock and it is very fast, plus, here is a fast fingerprint scanner ,and both functions can work together,

but Face Unlock is extremely good. I do not know how many milliseconds the phone needs to be unlocked, but it’s for sure – lightning fast. The second feature – the newest chip Helio P60 from MediaTek.

The P series has long been recommended as
the best solution for medium-budget smartphones, and F7 became one of the first phones in the world with a new processor.The third is the operating system.No, I’m not going to praise the shell, it’s too Chinese, but the fact that here is already Android 8.1 – extremely commendable. It is a fork of Google’s operating system Android, this is ColorOS 5.0.

Like any other Chinese shell, it has a corporate identity, their icons and completely redone elements of the system. It is very good that in the settings you can set 5 icons in a row, but in general, the standard launcher is not the most convenient. Then it turned out that there is no possibility
to change the scale of the system, only the font size.

Here, of course, you could be upset, but when you change the launcher this is becomes really a good shell.

There are many useful features.. First of all, there are a number of options
for convenient operation with a frameless display. You can use the standard buttons of Android, but you can use only finger-swipes. And here I praise this: The best realization of the swipes among all Chinese shells.

There are a lot of control options, but the most convenient looks like this, three short and thin strips from below, which duplicate the function of the standard Android buttons, Swipe in the center – home,to the left – back, to the right – multitasking. It is very convenient.

Farther. There is full-screen multitasking, when icons of applications and various parameters are
hidden in the notification panel along the edges from the notch,

Finally, the Assistive Ball function a circular menu with shortcuts for various actions,
like creating a screenshot or locking a screen.Not without the help of artificial intelligence. In ColorOS 5.0, AI can recognize objects in a photo,

thereby providing a quick search for photos by tags, like in Google Photos do, In addition, AI can choose among several similar images the best.

The remaining photos will be prompted to delete. Lots of useful things.

What about the cameras?