High Tech Smart Beds , review ,rating and prices


We sleep for third of our life and we can make the most of it with the latest high-tech beds like home cinema bed a
bed that you can adjust the firmness a masseuse bed and many more.

This is the we researcher. We’re bringing our Top 5 High Tech Smart Beds.

Number 5 Rest bed.

A bed that was actually designed for triathletes, giving the best sleep muscle recovery, is available for you. The rest bed is a mattress with five zones for head shoulder lumbar hips and legs. The rest-dash app allows you to control the support of the mattress in each of these areas, reducing or increasing pressure, manually and automatically. The rest-dash of course also monitors your sleep.
The bed has been well constructed with high-quality materials including cooling gel and memory foam and sensors. It’s available for around $4,000.

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Number 4 the Sleep Number 360.

Firm mattress or softer? The choice is yours with the 360. it automatically adjusts while you sleep making the mattress firmer or softer to suit your needs. You can raise  your head and feet to prevent snoring and increase comfort. You can do this to your partner’s side of the bed when they sleep, especially if  they are snore monster 😉
it warms your feet to get you off to sleep. There is a comprehensive sleep quality app to go with the bed. It is available from Sleepnumber.com for $3.5-5K.

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Number 3 eight bed cover.

Maybe you would prefer a cover that transforms your regular bed into a smart bed. It is a smart mattress cover that fits over your mattress. The cover is attached to a monitoring device that tracks over 15 factors of sleep data including temperature and heart rate. It includes a smart alarm. You can heat or cool the cover to suit you
and have the temperature different on each side. This is a more basic product than the others featured but it is only $50.

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Number 2: Hi-can 

if you are a movie buff enjoying a cinema in your bed this cocoon shaped product from hi-can could be the place of your dreams. The bed boasts voice-control activation,  automatic privacy blinds, adjustable head and footrest, invisible speakers, an entertainment system including an HD projector with a 70 inch screen, dimmable LED
lighting, and a health monitoring system. Most entertainment consoles can be used
within the bed system such as PlayStation and Xbox. There are wood leather and fabric  options. It’s available to pre-order at indiegogo.com for 36,000 Euros. Before we reveal our number-one spot.


Number 1: Balluga bed… Click red more