Vivo Apex : The most frameless smartphone in the world

Now quite an amazing time, the company Vivo, not very well-known in Russia and Europe,but a very rich Chinese company owned by BBK Electronics along with Oppo and OnePlus, introduced the concept phone Apex, which gives
reason to reflect about the devices Apple and Google, in turn, they haven’t been presented innovative topics lately.
And this is the most frameless phone on Earth with a fingerprint scanner built-in under the display.
and with a very unusual front camera, which extends straight from the case. It established a new level among smartphones, albeit in one category — it is still worthy of respect.Be sure to understand that this is a concept phone, which will not be mass-produced, at least under that name,But Vivo promise to release something similar with all the Apex’s features. What now ?

6-inch OLED-display, the resolution of 2160 by 1080 pixels and takes up to official information 98% of the front panel — you just think about this number!

Okay, actually not, a little less. The Chinese describe this in a press release:
if you cut 2 millimeters from the lower edge, it will be 98%. Purely Chinese approach. But the fact that this smartphone is the most frameless of all frameless smartphone – is a fact. Compared to the iPhone X, it looks like this: to make you understand the dimensions.

the iPhone has a 5.7 inch display,in Vivo – 6 inches, and in dimensions they are almost the same Feeling that you hold only the screen in your hand and that’s it. How did it happen?

Vivo chose the most elegant and at the same time the most direct and obvious solution:

— remove the conversational speaker, front camera and embed the fingerprint scanner and sensors under the screen.

For some reason it seems that this should be the smartphone of the future According to the design, Apex most
closely resembles the Xiaomi Mi Mix,

but only the case is not so slippery and smooth, Apex is square, but it doesn’t “cut” hand at all. And unlike Mix, the frame is much thinner at the bottom, the thickness is 4.3 mm,
and all the main size is 1.8 mm. The thickness of the case is also small — only 7.3 mm, this is thinner than the iPhone X, for example, although at first glance you will not say that. …Go to the next page to complete the reading.