Vivo Apex : The most frameless smartphone in the world

Just all the phones now like a piece of soap, so it seems thinner The main thing is that it does not look like
most smartphones and it makes it stand out Plus, it reminds Ubuntu Edge
(another one concept-phone, which did not go on sale, not having collected the necessary amount
of funds on crowdfunding platform).

The most amazing thing is that theChinese don’t touched the headphone jack although it is the first candidate to remove it to save space inside, but it’s nice that it is. Apex in general can become a music smartphone

— inside is a Hi-Fi chip, 3 amps and a DAC, which are combined with each other, the logic board is very small, Type-C port is there. Well, yes, a smartphone of the future. Above the infrared sensor to control home electronics the Chines are very fond of it, they couldn’t imagine a smartphone without it.On the right – the volume button,

and on the left – a round button to lock the screen. Strange location, most likely for lefties,
but it’s convenient for me. A bit higher – power buttons, a tray for two SIM-cards, and it is non-standard — two-sided. But they did not find a place for micro SD. Behind is a double camera, and it is without a flash.

You will say – “Strange solution” I will answer – “This is a concept” Works, and thanks for that. The characteristics of Vivo lenses are not disclosed, and you do not need to know this — everything can change.

But everything is known about the front camera. 8 Mp-module hid in the sliding stage
on the upper end of the smartphone When the camera starts it automatically moves out According to the company, this process takes only 0.8 seconds.
In fact — about 1.5-2 If you are a lover of Selfie, then this alignment will only enrage, for everyone else who uses the front camera a couple of times a week or a month — no problem.

In the same Mi Mix 2S the camera is located from the bottom and you must constantly intercept the smartphone so the Apex option is better. And given that there is a lack of frame then there are no questions at all.
But forget about water protection with such a design, and in general the question of reliability remains open

what will happen if the device is dropped to the floor or if the dust clogs into the mechanism of the camera?

Actually, this is not an ideal performance, but clearly the right direction to it.The front camera should eventually be built-in into the display,By the way, such a patent already
has the Andy Rubin company Essential. It makes no sense talking about
the quality of a camera, software is still in the works. But the front camera is just amazing. But the main camera is so-so. Speaker in the usual sense is not here, and, as you might think, piezo speaker is not here either, as on Sharp Aquos Crystal. …Go to the next page to complete the reading