Pixel 3 and HTC U12. What common ?

Pixel 3 and HTC U12. What common ?

in this review Let’s talk about HTC U12, U12 Plus, and also about Google Pixel 3 And what about these three devices, are they connected to each other?
Let’s start with the fact that Google has acquired part of the business for the HTC billion dollars. This you know yourself ,Many also know that Pixel 2nd generation was made by HTC, But, only a small version, the most successful in my opinion Until now, this is one of the best smartphones, despite the average quality matrix and a rather weak battery , But Pixel 2 XL was already doing LG they messed up a lot : poor-quality screens, wheezing speakers, lack of an operating system in some devices, and so on.

There were a lot of precedents for the discontent of the community Many questions were aroused: why LG, not HTC?

And the question is correct. The next generation probably already will fully lean on HTC The funny thing is that Pixel 2 XL was originally made by HTC, and they did it, but Google liked the LG version, apparently, more.

Fortunately, the work was not lost and that same 2 XL from HTC entered the market under the name HTC U11+.

But it is already clear that this … the canceled 2 XL is better than the current one. Inasmuch as: IPS screen instead of unsuccessful P-OLD, 6 gigabytes of RAM instead of 4 and the battery,
4 thousand mAh without two cents instead of 3.5 thousand. By the way, we will also talk about it in the near future.

It is clear that they add some “glass” on the back, the backdrop is definitely reworked already later under the U series,


in general – a good phone came out. It even has a place for MicroSD or a second SIM card. It is clear that Pixel would not have gotten it under any circumstances, but in this form

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