Android P DP1 review ( Developer)

Android P DP1 review:

Android P DP1 review ( Developer)
In March ,Google released first preview version of the new Android for developers. Now it is called “P”.
If in recent years it used to happen in late March, this time – almost at the very beginning. There are many innovations, and we won’t
guess what will be the name of Android P. There are many rumors and versions, we will
find out when there will be a full release. Who can already try the 9th Android?
Only the owners of smartphones Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

It is recommended only for developers, and it does not make sense for the average user,

because the beta version is very unstable As you noticed, from the list of
supported devices Nexus has dropped out. We will monitor this situation, in general
Google has planned five beta versions:

The second will be released in May,
the third one must be released at the beginning of June,

the fourth – at the end, and the fifth – by the middle of summer.

Release version will roll out in the third quarter Either in late August or early September.

So, what’s new in Android P Developer Beta 1?

The clock in the status bar was moved to the left corner – the first thing you see after unlocking And for Android this is moveton, of course.

But it was made specially for smartphones with a cut-out, like the iPhone X, At the last MWC exhibition there were many of them§.
Believe me, this is the trend for the coming year and, frankly speaking, not a good one Here we can also add a very screaming feature of the display settings – here you can literally switch on the cutout of the screen.

But manufacturers of iPhone10 clones unequivocally will appreciate the function … only by 2018 because all of their new items are for Android 7 or 8, and to optimize the new Android, it is not fast business.

But it’s nice that Google follows trends. This was done first of all, of course,
for developers – so that they optimize the applications.The system will determine the negative area (i.e., the cutout) by itself and adjust the interface accordingly Next. Google ones again updated the design of
notifications and the entire quick settings menu.

It is called with a slight vibration, which can be switched off in the settings.

You can respond to notifications by forming mini-chats. So you see part of the chat.

Here the ready-made answers also come up In addition, notifications learned how to display preview images and user’s avatars. Now there is an opportunity to block group of notification channels. Remember now iOS and, oh, my God, thanks, Google, for the innovations in the notices that seem to have overtaken at least 10 years of Apple’s developments. No kidding.

The quick settings buttons are now can be scrolled vertically, and not horizontally.

And in general, very similar to Samsung, it does not look very nice, but remember that this is only the beta version.

What’s new with icons?

– Night mode in the menu immediately displays the schedule.

– The save mode button does not change
the color of the notification bar to orange.

– The “Do Not Disturb” feature has lost its various modes and offers you to silence the notifications until you switch off the feature,

or activate itself for a certain time.

So it’s more convenient and understandable, I agree.

– Next one. If you turn off automatic screen orientation

and turn the phone, then in the navigation bar
buttons appears the screen rotation icon.

Press it and the screen flips over,
the same thing works in the opposite direction.

This. Is. Just. Genius.

It’s super-convenient and do not have to switch it on all the time and switch off the auto-rotate, generally the button can be thrown out of the curtain.

Next. New animations, they are almost everywhere and they’re beautiful.

Switching between applications, opening pages and so on – looks good.

Now holding down the shutdown button you can take screenshots!

The corresponding button appears in the pop-up menu, you can immediately edit and send it.

The shutdown menu is not the only one pop-up menu that has changed.

When you click on the volume rocker, the window will pop up just in the place of the screen where the thumb is located.

You can extend it and change the volume of the call or multimedia separately from each other.

The default is to change the volume of multimedia, and not of a call like before.

Plus, there is a change of modes: with sound,
Do not disturb and vibration. All was made specially for people’s convenience.

The appearance of open folders on the desktop has slightly changed.

Pixel Launcher is also different – a new search, more rounds and a more pleasant look.

Although, why did they add a substrate for dock remains unclear.

Let’s see what’s in the settings.

The design was also updated, the search menu has changed, icons have become multicolored, it’s easier to orientate,
but it looks worse, like TouchWiz.

The battery item is again refreshed, the energy saving mode can be activated automatically at 70% charge.

The information about time that passed since the full charge and the screen time are separated.

And in the application settings, the “Stop” and “Delete” commands are hidden in the drop-down menu.

And of course, hidden bonus from Android!

Quite psychedelic.

If you lock the phone and unlock it –
the screen color changes, besides it can be zoomed.

A sticky thing.

If you go into the options for developers and enable demo-mode, the time will change to 10:10.

Why 10:10?

The OS will be 10 years old this year, maybe that’s why.

It hardly refers to the release date.

FIY: demo mode is needed to create screenshots to bring the status bar into a clean state.

Work with the text was significantly increased – when selecting text, there are more options for interacting with it,

and if you move the cursor, the words will increase.
(also made in iOS) There are new API for the camera, which will open an access to developers for multiple cameras.


Even Mi A1 with the release of the new Android is likely to get a normal application, and not the one that is there now from MiUI.

Well, in the new Pixel, apparently, there will already be two eyes.

Also the support for the HDR VP9 profile and HEIF format appeared.

The first allows you to watch HDR videos from YouTube, Google.Films and other sources on devices with technology support.

The second – compresses images, preserving the volume of the used memory.

For example, you can take pic…