Android P DP1 review ( Developer)

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For example, you can take pictures in this format with new iPhones with iOS 11.

Navigations works in buildings now.

Even in those where the mobile communication. is poor The new API allows you to measure the distance
between the mobile device and the Wi-Fi point.

The company promises accuracy from one to two meters.

They also added a variety of APIs for working with machine learning and with a fingerprint scanner,

which in theory will be able to bring new gestures with the help of using this sensor.

For now it is difficult to check all of it.

There is good news for paranoid:

Now in standby mode, the system will restrict access to the microphone, camera and proximity sensor.

Don’t worry.

That’s it?? Hardly. Autocomplete passwords now works in password managers.

Those who use, will clearly appreciate this.

Thank you, Google, that when you connect the lace and transfer files, you can now simultaneously charge the device.

What else?

–Third-party applications now have access to protected system elements and NFC, more third-party payments!

– There is now a function that analyzes the status of the mobile network.

If the network is overloaded, then some not particularly important data can be uploaded later.

In place of the BitmapFactory class came ImageDecoder, decoding, scaling,

Post-processing and support for animated images and something else. Hooray!

– They improved Doze mode, App Standby function.

In short, the battery should last longer.

– There are changes in the environment of ART,

they increase the speed of work of applications and reduce energy consumption;

Applications written in Kotlin will work much faster. God save Kotlin.

– Bluetooth.

It is possible to connect up to five different devices at the same time. Checkmate, Samsung!

– Always active display function now shows the percentage of battery charge.

In addition, the text of notifications is displayed in the center of the screen.

when displaying video in the “picture in picture” mode, you can go to the settings of this application.

– Well, last but not least – when you enter a graphickey on the lock screen the picture disappears behind the finger so that people could not spy on you. Clever.

That’s it for now, you saw how Google worked and how Android changed.

There are really a lot of new things and the most important is the fact that everything is really useful.

I remind you again that this is the first Developer Preview.

Most of the functions will remain and become even better for the release, something, of course, will be cut off,

they will change the appearance and work out other things.

I like everything.

I’m looking forward to release and do not recommend to install beta version at least until the third version.

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