iMAC pro the most expensive, beautiful and powerful workstation


iMac Pro — the most expensive, beautiful and powerful workstation from Apple. Even more, this is the most powerful computer
which Apple has ever done.

And yes, the first iMac in the color Space Gray.

By the way, it gets dirty not so much as a MacBook in same color.

It is not designed for home use, although, of course,
this computer will look good in any interior.

And in any apartment this will be the best gadget.

But, by and large, it’s made for cool start-ups,
design studios, photo and video editing.

But if there is enough money, iMac Pro will look good
in the amber room of B.Y. Alexandrova [Russian businessman].

To watch YouTube videos.

If they do not close it in Russia soon, of course …

For example, here this custom iMac Pro in the top assembly

will cost $ 13,348 or at the current rate of 800 thousand rubles.

For this amount you can buy a car.

Even good one. Do you feel the quality?

For such money, you get an 18-core Intel Xeon W processor,

128 GB DDR4 server memory,
the fastest 4 TB SSD, as well as Radeon Pro Vega 64,

but not usual — 16 GB.

And, of course, Magic Mouse 2, Magic Trackpad 2 and Magic Keyboard.

Of course, the color is “space gray”.

By the way, accessories for iMac in dark tones
until recently were exclusive for iMac Pro.

But now you can buy them separately.

This is how the white Apple keyboard looks.

And here so in a gray color.

Yes, to the right there is a digital block ,but the main thing
is the arrow-buttons in full size. This is simply more convenient.

And this is how the “RST” keyboard looks and the American one.

The difference in the keys Enter and Shift.

And here people are divided into two types:

personally I can only use the American layout,

but iMac can’t be bought with such a one in Russia.

So I had to take it separately.

The huge trackpad and mouse from Apple can also be compared.

Turn to the dark side, as they say.

Well, do not say that in black these gadgets are better.

Yes – beautiful, but there is nothing unusual.

But this is a really cool thing: Apple’s Black Lightning.

Such a purchase is not possible without iMac.

Nothing special, just a thing for geeks.

So, okay. We speak about the most expensive iMac Pro,

but these are not sold in Russia,

we can only buy a basic version,

for some 380 thousand rubles ($ 6,000).

What’s inside for this money?

The same Xeon W, but 8-core,

32 gigabytes of RAM,

1 TB SSD and Vega 56 to 8 gigabytes of HBM2 memory.

This “budget” model in the line.

Let’s talk about it.

By the way, in Russia there is no bundle even with Trackpad 2,

but you can buy it separately.

Strangely enough, the prices are higher.

Exceptionally because of the color: 7500 per mouse, $ 120
10,800 for the trackpad and 10800 for the keyboard. $ 170

For comparison, here are the prices for the same in silver.

Hmm … Oh, almost forgot about the most important thing—

black stickers from Apple!

Finally, we look at Mac Pro.

Externally, in addition to color, it actually
did not change compared to the simple iMac.

The moment when everything is balanced
— It really looks harmonious.

In the aluminum Unibody housed:

amazing 5K-display, great performance,

while maintaining a minimalistic design. It is only externally the same as a usual iMac,

but inside the entire layout different, it became heavier,
and this, indeed, is a VERY powerful device.
The computer is connected by one cable — no wires.
No settings or drivers: just turn it on,
mouse and keyboard are connected separately
and after a couple of minutes you can enjoy the computer.
That’s why Apple has the most loyal fans,
and there are a lot of them.
The only thing you can find fault with — this is the frame around the screen.
If it had a framework, like the iPad 10.5, for example,
would be really a bomb.
In the next generation, they will certainly come to this.
And how unpleasant current customers will be
if Apple does this in a year or two.
The iMac Pro display is great. 27 inches, IPS, 5K, resolution 5120 by 2880 pixels,
there is support for extended color coverage (DCI-P3),
brightness 500 cd / m², and a billion colors.
It is ideal for professional work with photos, video and graphics.
When you look at this screen it’s hard to imagine
something even cooler – if not the best,
then one of the best displays in powerhouse workstation.
There’s really nothing to add,
Ideal for working with color and viewing photos and movies.
But, if there is not enough single display, then you can connect to the iMac:
– Two external monitors with a resolution of 5K and a frequency of 60 Hz.
The transmission of color is billions of colors.
– Either four 4K displays,

at the same 60 Hz and the same billions of colors.
– Well, or 4 monitors with a resolution of 4096 by 2304
pixels, a frequency of 60 Hz, and millions of colors.
By the way, Apple sells LG monitors.
With 4K-resolution and 5K too.
Good and expensive.
What’s behind:
4 USB-C ports with standards support are used for connection:
DisplayPort 1.2, Thunderbolt 3 (up to 40 Gb / s)
and USB 3.1 of the second generation (up to 10 Gb / s speed).
To expose the image on devices with ports Thunderbolt 2, HDMI, DVI and VGA
you will need your favorite adapters.
You are used to them already?
Adapter for HDMI will be needed to, — there is no such port here.
What’s left?
Four USB Type-A 3.0, SDXC card slot
an audio output of 3.5 mm and an Ethernet port
with a data transfer rate of up to 10 Gb / s.
And here it is a very useful thing,
you just connect the iMac directly to the NAS,
and edit the video without losing speed,
in real time from several computers.
Having spent a certain time with this power
– do not get used to just one thing.
All ports are behind: it’s just inconvenient.
But third-party developers have already come up with some cool gadgets.
For example, a hub from Satechi,
inserted into the ventilation from below, very tightly held,
connects to Type-C giving out almost the maximum speed.
And finally, we have four built-in microphones,
HD-camera FaceTime with a resolution of 1080p,
and stereo speakers.
Very powerful, clean and pleasant sound.
Not for listening to music, of course,
but for movies and YouTube – it’s excellent.
The eternal question: which is better, Windows or macOS?
Nobody will answer you honestly,
but even with the High Sierra, and this, probably,
the most problematic release of OSes,
macOS is still good and extremely fast.
Mac lovers know what it’s about,
many have not even been updated from the previous Sierra,
and those that are updated receive digital bricks.
Not all, but some.
It sounds very bad and it really is.
But what do we see?
What is the power of iMac Pro?
In the basic configuration, PC shows really
great results in Geekbench 4 and Cinebench.
This is much more than the standard iMac (2017)
or than the last Mac Pro – ashtray.
SSD is also extremely fast – within 3,000 MB / s.
And here’s what iMac Pro can do in the
maximum configuration – it’s better not even to see it.
I’ll tell you right away, not only Final Cut
in the most complex projects works here,
(of course, we’re talking about editing 4K-video),
but even a package from Adobe.
Premiere and After Effects work without any brakes at all.
Render is also very fast.
But it’s funny that the Audition of 2018 is slowing down.

But there is no doubt that this is the merit of Adobe.

We know everything about their stable software. In quotation marks.


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