iMAC pro the most expensive, beautiful and powerful workstation

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The computer is suitable for more demanding applications,

such as Autocad or Cinema 4D,

and most importantly – it’s also a VR-compatible machine.

However, so far with HTC Vive.

We tried to connect the Oculus Rift, but it did not work.

In any case, Apple at the presentation
showed an impressive performance in the VR.

but you can not deny the fact that Windows
is a much more suitable operating system for these things.

Although, who prevents to install second OS here?

Another issue – games.

And this is NOT a gaming computer.

You will not get the maximum performance
in games with Windows, especially on the 5K-display.

Therefore, the idea of buying iMac Pro
for games should be immediately discarded.

In total. iMac Pro is very expensive “thing”

and it will perfectly decorate your office

or the room of a happy and talented 9-year-old son if you drive a Porsche and even though you live in the center of Moscow.

The computer is really very expensive, but this device justifies its value, because it helps them to earn money. And before writing that it’s Over Price and for such money
you can assemble a PC 10 times better and more powerful,

and another 12 smartphones Xiaomi will remain – well then, try to build this.

Where you will find: the same 5K-display,

server RAM,

a new generation Xeon processor,
a 16 GB video card,

10-gigabit network card.

And most importantly – fit it into a compact case.

Let me immediately answer – it will not work.

That’s why the iMac Pro has such a price,

and it certainly costs that money.

[Problematic aluminum Unibody…]


[Problematic aluminum Unibody…]

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