iPhone SE 2 review

iPhone SE 2 review

iPhone-SE-2 (2 GBs of RAM, 32 GB or 128 GB built-in memory

people who want to buy a compact smartphone are limited in their choice.
In fact, they have only two options: either iPhone SE, or Sony Xperia.
They have so-called a line-up “Compact”:
there are several of them, and they are expensive.
If your budget is not limited then this is a good option.
But within 20 thousand rubles,

then this is just the iPhone SE ($ 300).So, 2 years have passed since the release of the original iPhone SE,
and people are waiting for the second generation, so hard.
Today we will reflect whether this will happen at all or not,
how much it will cost, and what functions it will get from Apple.
We can recall several concerts:
all this was in Chinese social networks, they predicted to us a frameless design, the so-called iPhone X mini,
the other day here’s Weibo showed a video with the allegedly iPhone SE 2,
but look at the huge apple icon…
“Fakenews”. And this should not be trusted.
But now there is a decent amount of rumors
– what will be the iPhone SE 2.

But for a start – what is most likely not to happen:

FaceID – nope.

Analysts say that the screen will increase from 4 to 4.2 inches.
This sounds strange – so it’s unlikely to happen.
And 3D Touch – nope.
This function is still not particularly in demand among users,
so spend extra resources on it while
producing the very same SE 2 – it makes no sense.
But now about facts that sounds more plausible:
Design. It will be exactly the same as on the iPhone SE with one exception
– glass case instead of aluminum.

Here Apple can play on nostalgia,
The smartphone will be a mixture of 5s and 4/4s.

Insiders promise 3 colors. Like the iPhone 8, Space Gray, Silver and Pink Gold.

And why such a case is needed?
You already know the answer – for wireless charging.
AirPower, which will soon appear on store shelves
and at WWDC 2018 sales will be announced at a price of $ 200.
Analysts also promise this. And someone says that WWDC will show
iPhone SE 2, but we will come back to this.
Let’s talk now about the renders, they’re pretty good. You can admire them, the video is also there, and even from Russian designers.
What else can you add to this phone?

The screen will remain the same, the frame will be aluminum,it is unlikely that they’ll make a steel version.

Hardware from the iPhone 7, ie, A10 Fusion and
2 GBs of RAM, 32 GB or 128 GB built-in memory.
Jack 3.5 will remain, and the thickness of the case can be a little thinner.

Although personally I do not believe in it.
The iPhone SE case has got a very small battery.
The camera will also be from the usual iPhone 7.
And maybe, at last, they will add a normal front camera.
… And that’s all.

At a price of 350$ and 450$. It will be shown on the WWDC, all this sounds – very logical. But there’s a couple of “buts” here.
First, there are still very few rumors,
compared to what we heard before the release of the iPhone X.
Basically, it’s conjectures, concepts, some leaks obscure video.
And Apple is unlikely to take this step, it seems to me,
because they will spoil the whole impression
of the current products of their iPhone SE 2 in 2018,
the phone whose frames … well, very thick frames!
In general, the device looks old now.
But those leaks that we saw a long time ago
about the frameless iPhone X mini – this is a good topic.

Because people are better off spending
more money on the new iPhone X in a compact case,

than on the updated same SE, only with slightly improved hardware.
With a good option, we can get:

“Frameless” screen, without the Home button, without the “jack”
as it should be, with the top hardware and the best camera.

People will carry money for a small iPhone X and that’s for sure.
In any case, I’m sure that the second generation SE
is being developed, and I hope that it will be closed.

Apple should not and does not want to be an average price brand.

We understand this with the example of unconfirmed
rumors about a cheap MacBook on an ARM-chip.

Perhaps it will be done someday,
but not cheaper than a thousand dollars.

Here is the same with the iPhone SE:
give them an expensive little iPhone X
and people will be happy,
and please, leave alone the iPhone 5 design,
it’s time to go next for new gen of SE.
We are waiting for June to understand that
the rumors remained rumors or turned into reality,
but if Apple releases the iPhone SE 2,
then it can be considered as a failure, Because the old design can not be sold.