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Until they really added them back in the game. So yeah wants to do those. I guess very amazement

No hard to send five cards do des
Easy to use we go on fine shooter

Why the changes were there something no dusty divots been changed, we now know it so it’s ours being changed changed

And this is on this mountain as well so grab that, thank you

We also we could check out we could even check out the shower too. But this is the shower room Whelan yeah, yeah

Yeah, good idea. Let’s let’s make that our

Endpoint we should we actually should we do

Which we trade you want to do it. Let’s do let’s build up

Let’s go check out the rocket because I’ve got c4

Someone on they say they’ve increased the way that explosives work like as if they’re damaged. Oh, yeah

Well, they affect everything in their radius in a matter if they you can see what they’re exploding or not. So, okay

Have you ever exploded a c4 like into like it’s just ridiculous. Yeah, it just wrecks the buildings. Yeah

The explosive range is gonna be massive. Okay, so it’s here. It’s here. Oh

Yo, are those yo, that’s some ghost on the rocket last now those bits on the top. Definitely one door I dare you

Yeah, they’re brand ne
Let’s go ahead. Let’s go in to see you. Let’s see. Look look these thrusters on the side of the tooth

Yeah, those thruster. I think I remember seeing as thrust is yesterday. I don’t know

It’s been a little bit early by accident

We can engage was I know I may imagine it feels like an easter egg. We could activate it is so good

Yes, see if there’s any more hot rocks in there

um, like the baths in like the years behind because they were fun over more more materials as well as –


So hasn’t really changed so it’s random spawn and just like it was before yeah

Everything has changed is that top thing on top of the year? Yes

So maybe the explosion isn’t gonna go off for at least a few more days

yeah, I reckon Oh be the end of season sort of thing like

You see foreign it? Yeah. I want to see how much damage I can do to this if anything good

With the rocket, you know what? I mean? Oh, that would be cool. Okay, get ready. You ready?

trango gonna tear


The room though, oh

Oh see you can’t the rocket is indestructible confirmed. Yeah, you can’t destroy this and the best of the heroes as well

You can’t even get under there Wow. Listen, I’ve got a good way to get go and check our final secret point. You ready?

Okay, we have a little little way to go bits by this we can glide over there we’re good. Oh it’s

Saying I can pick up a steep slide over

Okay, I’ve got a question what is your theory for the bunker what do you think is that all I


speculation speculation

I’m hoping that it’s gonna help us connect for

Example like loot Lake and areas like that, but I can’t see them putting tunnels that last that far


That’s the thing like like if you go under there and decide to travel

Unless as I can get a car like a minecart it fires your crying system or something. Yeah

Yeah, a train system would work really well

but then wouldn’t you want that out in the open so they could be like combat on the edge sort of they’ve just been

Transferred that was the only thing I was thinking but then we also have the similar designs around the map for the bunker sir

There’s a high chance. It could just be

something to do with one of the layers like maybe it’s a

Workplace for one of the evil people, you know, it could be anything really good

It could be a place where they you know, they’re storing something that isn’t in there. Yeah, maybe you know

There’s so many different ways that you place walls around it and a ramp over the top. Yes

It’s a place of war or can you break it you reckon or is it not Lane?

I’ve just tried but I might do it wrong

yeah, and then I think once let it fully build and

Then you used to just literally break it and when you broke the final piece

Came crashing down, right? Okay. Yeah my beam because I didn’t let it thos
But they may have hatched in

your departure




Okay, this is just a surprise. I mean, this is just a teaser this didn’t they’re definitely messing around

Yeah, Oh can’t you sue they do?

You got a weapon by the way, I’ve only got an SMG. What have you got? I’ve got nothing. I’ve got a pickaxe

Okay. Okay. Let’s do a fight. Let’s finish off here. Let’s do it with a feel bad. Okay, we’ll get ourselves a gun

I’m gonna check the maze. This should be loads of chests

Hey, that’s cool. I hope everyone will be hi. Do you know the waiting time for what about service will be solo


My gosh, okay ready?


My gosh

Yeah, this is gonna be so much fun, there you are where you are I

Want to make sure our head up this way, oh, oh, you’re right above me. Oka
I’m a building so rusty, bro

Making mistakes, he’s nervous

Lovers oh my god. What did the heck you’re so much – I thought you are

Apparently so damaged


Was so much fun thank you for jumping in man. No, it’s fine. I can play mode you can play against you

Definitely, so that guy’s everything in playgrounds we checked out

Let’s not forget the dusty changes to two towers new building rocky

Nothing’s happened with it quite yet

but I reckon that as you say the end of season right boylar and

It’ll be the last thing and then nothing’s changed to the bunker

We obviously had a quick test of a dual wielding pistols, which I can’t wait to use in actual game. So guy
Hope you enjoyed it. Give a thumbs up if you like playgrounds excites to jump in yourself. I’ll see you on another reviews.

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