Binance The Best Crypto Exchange- Trading Platform Review –

So today we’re going to take a look at the
desktop client, all links are down below for

getting that started, it’s very simple, if
you just follow the link it will take you

to the page.

If you don’t have an account yet, you literally
just need an email, create a password and

your good to go.

Once you have that, you’re just gonna download
the desktop client and once again, it’s a

one, two click type deal, you don’t have to
give it any directories or anything, just

next, next, finish.

And you’re ready to log in and get trading
on the Binance desktop client.

Alright, so once you got the Binance desktop
client installed, it’s very simple just double

click it, start it up and you’ll be greeted
here by the market watch.

Now this has all the different cryptos that
are being traded on the Binace platform.

We’ve got the Bitcoin markets are where I’m
going to be trading in, they are slowly building

up some Binance token markets, it’s not quite
where I would be consistently using it yet,

but it is something they’re working on, and
of course we’ve got the Ethereum and the USD  Tether markets.