Monster Hunter World – REVIEW (PS4, Xbox One)

While Monster Hunter has always been hugely
popular in Japan, it’s only been in recent years that this franchise has picked up traction
in the West.

Monster Hunter World, the first home console game in years, is also the very first game in the series to have a worldwide launch.

The recent outings on the Nintendo 3DS made me fell in love with the series, but does

that love carry over to the bigger HD screen?

The answer is a big yes. You immediately notice it with the visuals
on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One With its high fidelity, the character and monster models are nicely detailed.
Sure, Capcom knew how to do solid work on Nintendo’s handheld, but World takes it to the next level.

The hunter’s movements looks solid and the environments you explore are vivid and full of character.

Capcom created more of a breathing world, hence why the added bit to the title is so fitting.
Naturally, the biggest priority with Monster Hunter World is gameplay.

The title stays very true to the series: you use big weapons to hunt even bigger monsters,
carve parts from their bodies to make better weapons, only to hunt even bigger beasts.

There are no levels or stat points as your gear provides all your bonuses and power.
You don’t fix what isn’t broken and in my opinion, World adds to it in ways that

exceeds the previous iterations. The focus of bringing Monster Hunter to a
new, global audience is very obvious at thestart of the adventure.

Previous entries, like Monster Hunter Generations, didn’t give you grand tutorial
World tells you everything need to know in order to play the game step by step, a much

needed addition for newer players who often struggled to even grasp what the title wanted
from them. A good example is how there is an action menu,
showcasing the combos that you can do. Next to this, World offers a training room,
allowing you to test the weapons in a safe environment.

This way, you get time to observe combo chains and assure that you get them.

This isn’t where the learning process comes to a swift end, mind you
Just like the last few iterations, Monster Hunter World offers 14 different classes to choose from.

Each has an unique playing style, which invites experimentation to a grand degree.

Personally, I became very fond of the dual swords.

It is a rather rapid fire weapon, which focuses
on dealing hard hitting blows.

Some of the weapons in the line-up have seen
important overhauls that make them more fun.
The ranged weapons, so Gun and Bow, felt always
overshadowed by the various close range options.

With newly added third-person dual stick shooter controls, you will know exactly what to……