star wars the last jedi review

Star wars the last jedi review

star wars the last jedi review

star wars the last jedi review

It’s that Star Wars season again, which means it’s time  for episode 8. Which means it’s time for another  review.
So what do you say? You wanna talk some Last Jedi?.

Then let’s get to it! Star Wars It’s The Last Jedi But which last jedi? I bet it’s Poe Wait, is that a spoiler?
You guys don’t think it’s Poe, right? Alright Star Wars! Episode 8 The Last Jedi The episode that Star Wars fans from all
around have been dreaming about is finally here and man, where do I begin?

Sort of picking up immediately after The Force Awakens.

The Last Jedi dives deeper into the ever-expanding Star Wars universe.
Directed by Rian Johnson, episode 8 continues to feel new, while echoing the memories of the past.

And in proper Empire Strikes Back form, this second story in the trilogy tells a tale about survival, training in the ways of
the force, and fulfilling your destiny. It’s a movie that I like more and more as it sinks in, and, even though I was totally
wrong, in terms of predictions, as well as most people’s online Star Wars theories were, this film is still quite amazing.
Mark Hamill’s role as Luke Skywalker steals the show. Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver share the second place, in my opinion, and
everyone else in the cast just makes this Star Wars chapter feel like such an awesome, pivotal, new addition to the
franchise. There are some moments that left me kind of frustrated, but I’m choosing to go forward, trusting those moments
will all be sorted out in later films.

So, for now, I absolutely love the film. I say, go check it out! But, I’m pretty sure if you’re watching this video, it’s
very likely that you’ve already done so.

And apparently, half of you hated it. And honestly, that’s ok. I think that we can all respect each others and our opinions,
right? Maybe? (voice in background–“Not my Star Wars!”) Ok, let’s talk spoilers. (Intro lyrics) “Duh duh duh spoiler
warning, spoiler warning! Duh duh duh for real, don’t spoiler this movie for yourself!” I can’t believe Snoke turned out to
be a clone that was grown from Luke’s chopped off hand! (orchestral impact) I’m kidding, that doesn’t happen. It was Anikan’s
hand. (orchestral impact intensifies) No really,

that’s not either. It’s… Snoke is Padme. (orchestral impact maximum intensity x3) I’m kidding! Whatever, never mind, I’m
sorry. Spoilers ahead people! “What did I like about the story?” I really appreciated that this story was centered around
just surviving, and getting the Resistance to safety. It felt familiar to The Empire Strikes Back, but it was still different
enough to have its own merits….Read more