Moto G6 Play full review

Moto G6 Play full review

Moto G6 Play review , price

In the last two years ,the budget smartphone industry has boomed

that naturally has made a lot of these phones indistinguable now this has also made brands work day in and day out to make their smartphone stand out and looks like the folks over at Motorola have done

just that this is the Motorola g6 play a phone that looks premium and refined and doesn’t cost a fortune hey this is Sreehari from mr. phone and this is our full review of the Moto G 6

the 1ST thing that you realize a part from how beautiful it is

is that it’s a smudge magnet but since we and mr. Vaughn always believed in looking at it last half-full the phone

just sticks to your hand and rarely slides out the continuing that optimism

I fell in love with how that phone feels in hand sturdy and comfortable to be precise

and as they say looks can be deceptive but money sadly can’t and although as bad

as we want it to be glass it’s not now let me tell you why that’s not exactly

the worst choice although having a glass body would make it a bit more resistive

to scratches and would look the same for a longer period it would have been one they’re able to

drop and further considering the weight loss adds to it I’m pretty sure that it wouldn’t survive

a standard drop now I believe plastic often gets a bad read yes it scratches easily

but hey if you won’t have to worry about it cracking or breaking at every door

that’s worth the compromise furthermore you are bound to appreciate the minimalistic

design approach of Motorola which motorola has been known for  a long time this kind

of elegance is missing on most budget smartphone these days and it can be found

on the g6 play basically there’s no clutter just sheer beautiful craftsmanship moving

on we appreciate that Motorola understands the need to create a distinguishing factor between

the power button and the volume rocker by simply adding a tiny texture to it

now while I like my headphone jacks up top official who reviewed this phone

is an advocate of a bottom facing eight phone jack…click ↓ to read more