DC’s TITANS Official Trailer REVIEW

Robin is bloody and bruised in new 'Titans' photo -


right then we have our first trailer for Titans this is DC’s streaming services kind of premiere

I guess this is their thing that they’re really leading their streaming service

with yeah it’s it’s interesting that I kind of throw it up on you know on the screen

now it should be playing there really heavily focusing on Raven in this trailer Raven

and Robin’s interaction for whatever reason it seems obviously that Raven is you

know being communicated with by her father and assumedly anyways stuff is going

astray there and that’s probably gonna be the main focus or that’s what it was rumored

to be the main focus of this series she can see you know things by the looks of it as well

and obviously sees Robin you know his parents dying and so on and so forth we can see

that Robin maybe has kind of put down some of his you know his crime-fighting equipment

and he throws his are in anger and they’re really pushing this as some kind of gritty real-world

angsty and stuff like that because we hear Rob and say oh you know fuck Batman I mean I don’t know

this literally just did a video on the costumes this does

not make it look any better they’ve also seem to have made

the same mistake with Robin that they did with Batman in Batman vs Superman Robin

stands on someone’s neck and you hear a crack you broke his neck mate and if you haven’t

broke his neck you’ve paralyzed him you know that we see you stabbing people up but why are

they making the same mistake as they did with Batman everyone hated that Batman was killing

people or you know at least a large portion of people do they’re one of the heavy criticisms

of Batman vs Superman so why they doing that and why I don’t understand why you know

Robin hates Batman in this is he’s still quite young by the looks of it we see an awful shot of Beast Boy

in mid-jump chase changing into something I mean it doesn’t look good that doesn’t look at that so

see Starfire you know strip a crack whore with her awesome I’m now turning orange powers where’s

unit orange in normal so that’s very strange all in all I don’t really like this at all I don’t think it’s that

good again really have you focus on inner demons of everyone you can see Robins got any demons you

can see that Ravens obviously got inner demons it’s it doesn’t film with confidence of and I’m not

getting DC’s streaming service for this you know it regardless of any or anything else that they have on

offer it looks atrocious they needed to pump more money into this I am NOT a fan of what this looks

like and it’s a massive shame as well because this could have been really good I love the Teen Titans

like the the actual characters and what they stand for and you know the story runs which they’ve had

is awesome so I’m not just hating on it cuz I actually like the Teen Titans but this mmm I’m not interested

in I don’t like it I think Raven looks like some little emo goth wannabe you know they just hates her

life Robin needlessly hates Batman I know their stories for why he hates Batman but for this I just

don’t see why but I guess our to be fair that’s in but let’s in built plot armor isn’t it because now now

they don’t have to have Batman turn up because he hates he hates Batman so there you go I’ve figured

it out that’s why Robin hates Batman in this because they do not want to have people going wounds

but mo I’m gonna turn up well he’s never because Robin hatin I very like it

there’s a heavy focus on Raven and Robins relationship but yeah whatever what did you think of this lemonade your thoughts

the hand below in the comment section.